Phonogrifter is a collection of field recordings and music compositions published in the form of a podcast. Each episode is a selection of environments and other sounds I've collected on my field recorder. These are mixed in with one or more pieces of music I've performed on modular synthesizers.

Headphones are recommended.

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As part of a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, I’ve been hard at work with KamranV and dublab to build a free DAW plugin for mixing/mastering quadraphonic content called QUARK. It aims to provide a workflow for musicians to create quadraphonic mixes that can be distributed through normal stereo mediums. The project is in beta. Download it and create something interesting. 🤘

Shaden at GopherCon 2018

I gave a short demonstration about my quirky modular synthesizer, Shaden, at GopherCon 2018.