In the Field is a collection of field recordings and synthesizer compositions I’ve captured with my Zoom H5.

Headphones are recommended.

013 July 20, 2020 WTC

The last time I worked someplace other than my house was back in February. It was at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop across from the 9/11 Memorial. Before I headed home for the day, I walked across the street and recorded the sound of the waterfalls.

006 January 13, 2020 Cafe in Porto, Portugal

We visited Porto, Portugal for Thanksgiving. While Madeline ventured off to explore some local shops, I had a beer and took notes for other recordings in a local cafe.

005 January 12, 2020 Coffee in Poughkeepsie

We stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast near Poughkeepsie, NY while apple picking last October. Bagels, fruit and coffee—courtesy of this coffee maker—were for breakfast.

002 June 11, 2019 Midtown Manhattan

Wandered around Manhattan. Collected more air-conditioner noise.

000 June 7, 2019 Rain Over Valdese

We spent some time at Madeline’s hometown of Valdese, NC over the summer. It happened to be raining that weekend, and it sounded great outside.

Zoom H5 Modular Pedals

All recordings © Brett Buddin.